Customized Portals



Client Portals: A vital new communication tool used to enhance business relationships. It will keep your clients transparently involved in your business and it's services and products. Client portals use secure web accounts that are highly individualized for each client. Client portals are also used to foster collaboration with your clients and customers.

Example Uses:

  • “Real-Time” reporting
  • Individualized pricing and terms
  • Selected products and services
  • Specialized offers and packages
  • Project progress charts
  • Proprietary material; designs, documents
  • Securely shared files
  • Invoicing and billing information
  • Contracts, agreements, terms and conditions
  • Replacement for in-secure email

Many types of business and industries find client portal to be a safe, convenient, inexpensive, time saving way to interact with their clients.

  • Building Industry Contractor Portals
  • Medical Portals
  • Custom Manufacturing Portals
  • Conference Management Portals
  • Fulfillment Service Portals
  • Software Development Portals
  • Project Manager Portals

A Project Management Portal can be used to visualize current progress, what your team is currently working on, goals that you’ve just accomplished, project costs - including both estimated and actual - and anything else that’s relevant for your customer, partner, and client relationships.

Corporate Extranet Portals: A corporate extranet is used as a communication backbone to partners, investors, dealers and large clients. Product documentation, sales sheets, and new product development are always available to users who have been given access to the Extranet site. Marketing campaigns are frequently coordinated through the company's Extranet site.

Plone and Django have all of the tools, features and functions needed to manage marketing projects, regional work forces, dealers, conference sites, and distributors. Your sales channel partners will have one site to go to that has all of the information that they need.

Corporate Intranet Portals: Corporate Intranets using this type of software are frequently used to help groups and organizations within the company communicate projects, goals, and new initiatives within the company. Employees also are able to use self-service information in the form of; product information, company policies, standards, contact and organizational lists, etc.

Fulfillment Client Portals: Integral to any order fulfillment service is the software used to automate the time-consuming tasks of warehouse and inventory management, order processing and fulfillment, and shipping and tracking. The order fulfillment services company should offer systems that easily integrate with your existing IT infrastructure to provide seamless and secure, easy-to-access, detailed, real-time, on-demand reporting on where and how orders are processed. (credit:

A good example of this is DRS Fulfillment, which utilizes our Order Management software FulfillmentSoft. The portal is a way for their clients to manually place orders,view where the orders are at in the process, and keep track of their inventory.

Example Information and functionality:

  • Order and shipping history
  • "Realtime" Inventory status
  • Shipment tracking information
  • Product replentishment
  • Special order placement
  • Sales summaries
  • Fulfillment charges
  • Online help and documentation
  • Video conferencing